At Industrial Steel Fabricators, we have the expertise, experience and facilities to make your project a success. Over the last twenty years, we have continually expanded our campus to be able to handle demanding and complex projects.

Industrial Steel Fabricators has extensive experience in the fabrication of large and variety of industrial and commercial projects. Some examples include industrial plant work, architectural features, structural trusses, equipment fabrication and large plate and structural weldments.

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ASC Certification

Superior Quality Control

Let Industrial Steel Fabricators put our facility to work for you!


  • 7 Acres of yard with over 45,000 sq. ft. of production
  • (7) Over head cranes and 30’-0 doors for large scale fabrication
  • Multiple forklifts up to 20,000 lb. capacity


  • Design and build and custom engineering
  • In-house detailing in 2-D AutoCAD or 3-D Tekla
  • Built to Print
  • Plate Cutting: Laser, Waterjet, High-Def Plasma and Oxy up to 8”
  • Robotic Structural Fabrication
  • CNC forming
  • AWS D1.1, 1.5 and 1.6 welding with GTAW, FCAW, GMAW and SAW
  • AISC Certified: Standard, Simple Bridge and Facture Critical Endorsement
  • Dissimilar Metal Welding
  • Exotic Metal Welding
  • Angle and bar rolling

Industrial Steel Fabricators has a wide array of equipment available to allow us to handle the most challenging projects.

Plate Cutting:

  • 3500 watt Laser (5’ x 10’ bed with inter-changeable beds) ¾” carbon steel and ½” stainless steel
  • Waterjet (8’ x 13’ bed) Up to 8” carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium, or type of material
  • 260 amp High Definition Plasma (10’ x 45’ bed) up to 1-1/2 plate
  • Oxyfuel torch (10’ x 45” bed) up to 6” plate


  • (6) Axis Robotic fabrication system to handle up to W36 beams and 65’ long. Automatically cuts to size, copes, holes, bevels, layout and part marking on tubes, angles, channels and beams.
  • Numerous saws, drill and punches


  • Numerous welding machines for Sub arc, Mig, Tig and Stick processes


  • Multiple Polishing Equipment
  • Small Scale Parts Machining
  • CNC forming
  • UT/MT/PT Welding Inspection equipment and along with other laser inspection


  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Tekla 3-D modeling
  • Fabsuite
  • Multiple Programming and Nesting Software for best material utilization